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#26 Blood, Sweat, & Hope | Adam Russell of Story of the Year


Adam Russell

Originally recorded 11-27-2019

"Do the sh*t that you know if you looked back ten years from that point and if you hadn't done it, you would regret it."

Adam Russell, aka Adam the Skull, is the bassist of the St. Louis-based rock band called Story of the Year. The band debuted their first single "Until the Day I Die" from their album Page Avenue in August 12, 2003, which kicked off to achieving a successful career in music. Since then, the band has released 5 full-length albums as well as 2 DVDs that documents the band's journey while touring the world and playing shows. Also, Adam along with Ryan Phillips, the guitarist from Story of the Year, produced "Who Killed (Or Saved) The Music Industry," a documentary exploring the current state of the music business, as told by those who make their living in the industry. The documentary featured artists from Anberlin, Yellowcard, Goldfinger, We the Kings, All Time Low, No Doubt, & more.

In addition to being a talented bass player, Adam has also been vegan for 17 years and is very passionate and outspoken about the vegan movement. So in this episode, I chat with Adam about all things including veganism, straightedge living, creating music, touring the world, making a living as an artist, filmmaking, and much more! It was great connecting with Adam again since chatting with him last time at Van's Warped Tour 2013. This was a very special episode for me to produce as Story of the Year has been MY FAVORITE BAND SINCE I WAS 12 YEARS OLD! I hope you enjoy this episode and that you can make it out to a Story of the Year show in the future!


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