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#32 This Life's Not About Me | Christian McAlhaney

Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Christian McAlhaney

Originally recorded 1-19-2020

"What's confusing to me is, as a society, we have certain animals that we hold treasure and hold so dear - my dogs, my cats - how do you justify, these ones are domesticated and we love them but these ones are for food. You look at the feast in China where they kill dogs - people are in an uproar about that but then you have no problem killing young cows and pigs, which are more intelligent than dogs. It's confusing to me."


Christian McAlhaney is guitarist and backup vocalist for the Seattle-based alternative rock band called Acceptance. In 2007, Christian also joined Anberlin as the rhythm guitarist during the Cities album tour. In 2015, he formed his own rock band, Loose Talk, with Anberlin members, Deon Rexroat and Nate Young.

I got a chance to meet with Christian at the Attic at Rock Brothers Brewing in Tampa, Florida right before he played a Acceptance-Loose Talk-Anchor & Braille-Anberlin acoustic show with his bandmate Stephen Christian. In this episode, we talked about what inspired Christian to start eating a plant based diet and the power of music.


Music by Christian McAlhaney


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