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#29 Direct Action Everywhere | Eva Hamer


Eva Hamer

Originally recorded 1-8-2020

"I would love to see more leaders. Some people step up. I think we need way more leaders. We need a lot more people who are willing to step up - who are willing to better themselves for the purpose of making the world a better place and don't wait for anybody to give you permission to do it."

Eva Hamer is a Legal Coordinator and Protest Musician for Direct Action Everywhere, otherwise known as DXE. The organization was formed in Berkeley, California in 2013 and it consists of an international network of animal activists. Movement building, non-violent direct action, and open rescue are the core values for DXE. Their motto is "We will change the world for the animals."

In this episode, Eva shares her perspective of what it is like being an animal activist and participating in open rescues, which one of them was of her Beagle, Anna, that she rescued from a lab testing facility for cosmetics. Eva also talks about the work that she is doing as a Legal Coordinator for DXE and some of the felony court cases that many animal activists are being charged with.


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