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#8 Vegan Firefighter Breaks 100-Mile Run World Record | Gwen Le Tutour

Updated: Dec 8, 2019


Gwen Le Tutour

Originally recorded 8-2-2018

"There are two kind of sailors. There are the ones that go out at sea and they are not ready. And there are the ones that are at port who would only go when they are ready but they will never go."


In this episode, I sit down with Gwen Le Tutour and Katie Adams to talk about Gwen's World Record breaking 100-mile run in full firefighter gear. We discussed the reasons why Gwen decided to do this run, what his training and nutrition looked like, and how he was able to stay focus and positive during the run.

Gwen and Katie are avid trail-runners and they are the founders of Plant Positive Running. They also provide information and tips for ultra-marathon running as well as coaching services for endurance athletes. In addition, to their website they also post weekly videos on their YouTube channel about running and eating a plant based diet.


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