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#20 Being an Animal Activist | Joey Carbstrong

Updated: Dec 8, 2019


Joey Carbstrong

Originally recorded 1-1-2019


"Let's not, as a movement, forget the animals and forget the victims. Always live through your heart space. Never give up. Always remember that there is a massive support system behind you."


Joey Carbstrong is a popular animal activist and vegan advocate that came from a past of gang violence and drug abuse. Through an interest of living a healthy lifestyle, he was able to change his reality for the better. He later became vegan and learned about the truth on how diet impacts other living beings. He now uses his YouTube channel to speak up about the animals and aspires to inspire others to embrace compassion for all life.

In this episode, Joey talks about his past and where he came from and how he found veganism. He also goes into what it takes to be an animal activist and the toll it can take on those who are activists. This conversation goes deep and is meant for those who have empathy in their heart for the animals.


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