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#17 Becoming a Pro Skater, Full Time YouTuber, & a Vegan | John Hill

Updated: Dec 8, 2019


John Hill

Originally recorded 11-24-2018


"For me, it was just kind of an easy thing where like 'yeah, maybe me being vegan won't make a difference. Maybe it doesn't matter.' But I can not watch this video of this terrible thing happening and then being like 'You know what? I'm gonna give to that charity' The charity of terrible, mass murdering. I don't want my money to go there."


I had the opportunity to visit 368 Broadway in NYC to meet and talk with pro skater and YouTuber, John Hill. In this episode, we talked about how John got into skating, his thoughts on being a full time YouTuber, and some of the reasons why he became vegan.

John Hill is a professional skateboarder and is the creator of his self-titled YouTube channel with over 600K subs. He is also the founder of the Progress Daily. John has also been vegan for over 3 years but was vegetarian for many years before that. He is very passionate about the ethical, health, and environmental benefits of veganism and I was really happy to hear him open up about it on the podcast!


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