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#31 The Hard Truth | John Joseph


John Joseph

Originally recorded 1-12-2020

"I'm fifty f*cking eight years old. I've got 3 ironmans this year. I have no medications. No nothing. So if I can do all of that - and I'm not anything special - without taking the life of a f*cking innocent animal, destroying the planet in the process, and then save people's lives in the same process - why not do a plant based diet? "

John Joseph McGowen is a musician, author, and Ironman triathlete. He was most well known as the lead singer of the Cro-Mags in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. He is currently the vocalist of Bloodclot and Cro-Mags "JM" and is the author of many best selling books such as Meat is for Pussies, PMA Effect, and The Evolution of a Cro-Magnon.

In this episode, John Joseph talks about the hard truth about what he experienced growing up in the streets of New York City and overcoming many obstacles such as drug addiction, violence, bad relationships, and much more. He also talks about the importance of a plant based diet, how he stays fit in his 50s, and the new documentary he's working on with Paul de Gelder and Kip Andersen, who produced Cowspiracy and What The Health, called Thirty to Life. This is The Hard Truth with John Joseph.


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