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#2 High Cholesterol Diagnosis & Reversal as a Long Time Vegan | The Vegan Zombie

Updated: Dec 8, 2019


The Vegan Zombie

Originally recorded 6-13-2018

"I took [fats] out of the diet and sure enough, my cholesterol dropped significantly. They say anything under 150 [mg/dL] is heart attack proof. Mine is now 142 [mg/dL]."


Chris Cooney, aka The Vegan Zombie, is a content creator and the author of The Vegan Zombie Cook & Survive Cookbook. Chris currently has over 150,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and posts weekly videos about vegan living, shopping on a budget, vegan recipes, vlogs/travel, and product reviews. He has also been a long time vegan for over 24 years and is passionate about advocating the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Recently, Chris went to his doctor to find that his cholesterol levels were higher than the healthy ranges. On January 2018, his total cholesterol levels maxed out at 192 mg/dL and his LDL cholesterol was 130 mg/dL. As you can imagine, Chris was shocked because he hasn't eaten anything that has come from an animal (cholesterol is only found in animal products) in over 20 years! After evaluating his diet and considering his options, Chris decided that he would follow Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease recommendations. He cut all processed foods, salt, and foods rich in fat (nuts, seeds, avocados, etc.). After a little over a month from his last blood test, Chris was able to lower his total cholesterol to 142 mg/dL and his LDL cholesterol to 89 mg/dL making himself heart attack proof. To learn more about The Vegan Zombie's story, check out his video where he evaluates his blood results an talks about how to lower cholesterol without meds.

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